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12 - 15.1.2016, Frankfurt am Main

2014/15 Heimtextil trends


The 2014/15 trends are structured into two major categories – “Progress!” and “Revive!”.

Each of which is subdivided
into two themes: “Generate Collision!” and “Engineer Nature!”, and “Exalt Purity!
and “Rejuvenate Craft!”, respectively – dealing in detail
with the exploration of progress
and renewal of textiles in interior design.

„PROGRESS!/REVIVE!“ – overview of the four new themes:


Look forward | A brave new world in which science and technology are the driving forces behind innovation across the design industry.

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Look back | In the pursuit of more meaningful and authentic experiences we appreciate the importance of learning from the past, rediscovering and reviving the value in tradition.

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Learn more about Rejuvenate Craft!